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It all began with two fourteen-year-old pen pals

Fast forward to 2010, when Stephanie stepped off a plane in Portland and into the arms of her life partner. Those first five days in Oregon showed Stephanie the kind, intensely empathetic and understanding soul that was Dylan, the deliciousness that was Thai food, and just how immensely tall the trees of Oregon really were. Dylan's first plane ride ever followed in 2011, when the whirlwind of Brianna and Kim's wedding proved a gauntlet of "meet the parents...and the siblings, and every other distant relative and friend of your new girlfriend," though somehow Dylan weathered through it and actually wanted to come back again! Three year of flights between coasts cemented what they knew to be true that first rainy day in Portland; this love was unbreakable. Stephanie helped Dylan pack up from Portland to say hello to Baltimore for their next leg in life, where they bought a house and made it a home, then filled it with memories, good food, better friends, and so many dogs. From convention-hopping through seas of nerds to renaissance faires and fairy festivals, these two ran the gambit of unusual, geeky experiences. On top of that, they have created the artistic entity that is The Wayward Rabbit, a little shop of Dylan's skilled clay sculptures and Stephanie's leatherwork and photography, along with completing countless writing and art projects. Compound all that with the trials of raising two too-smart, destructive, giant furbabies, fostering two other pups, surviving a collapsed basement wall and various homeowner travails, and somehow continuing to hike and explore the tri-state area all the while, and their shared work and experiences have cemented a bond tougher than nails.