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In my opinion, nothing says "sassy" like two squids dangling from your ears. Even better when they're sculpted of clay and inanimate! Or at least, that's just my opinion....you could opt for live squids, but we really don't recommend it.

If cephalopods aren't your thing, however, do not despair! We can make any kind of earrings you desire! So long as they're small enough to comfortably hang from your lobes, we are happy to make them. Oh, and we only craft in clay, cabochons, and crystals - fortunately, no live squids can be found in our shop (I hope). No animals are harmed in the making of our jewelry. Sorry not sorry.

Make your holidays rad with a touch of your personal creativity! Our turnaround time for a custom sculpture is 10 days, but for an extra fee, we can expedite the creative process!


Holiday special: buy two commissions, get 20% off! Use code MERRYMAYHEM at checkout!

Please email us additional information about your piece so we can discuss your vision!

Custom Earrings Commission