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You know how humans have this tendency to open the fridge over and over, hoping the contents inside will somehow become more appealing? Is that just us? Well, all the same, we're pretty sure if you have a frigeratior, you visit it fairly often (they're the popular kids of the appliances, let's be honest). You know what would make the experience more enjoyable? We do:

Custom designed magnets.

That's right. You dream it, we make it. This will be between the size of a silver dollar, though we do make bigger, more complicated pieces for an extra fee. Attached to strong magnets, our art is guaranteed to make you smile even when you're out of milk and eggs and a snowstorm is impending. These make great, personalized holiday gifts, as well!

Make your holidays rad with a touch of your personal creativity! Our turnaround time for a custom sculpture is 10 days, but for an extra fee, we can expedite the creative process!


Holiday special: buy two commissions, get 20% off! Use code MERRYMAYHEM at checkout!

Please email us additional information about your piece so we can discuss your vision!

Custom Magnet Commission