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If you look at them long enough, necks look kind of weird, don't they? They're that awkward connecty bit between your body and your head, and sometimes there's just no avoiding that bare skin plane. Sure, you can tattoo it, but that's expensive, and pretty permanent, don't you think? Get this, though: we have an idea on how to coordinate your collar.

Custom necklace designs.

Ever wanted a replica of your pet around you neck? No? What about a witchy crystal design? The most mundane or fantastical of objects you could ever imagine? A sword? An anatomical heart? A NECK?! (We will, in fact, make a necklace of a neck, but we won't promise you it won't make your neck look less weird. It might even backfire.) Anyway, you think it, we make it!  

Make your holidays rad with a touch of your personal creativity! Our turnaround time for a custom sculpture is 10 days, but for an extra fee, we can expedite the creative process!


Holiday special: buy two commissions, get 20% off! Use code MERRYMAYHEM at checkout!

Please email us additional information about your piece so we can discuss your vision!

Custom Necklace Commission