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The holidays are upon us, folks! It's like an apocalypse hit the streets; shoppers don their plated armor, stockpile their HP and stamina potions, and go do battles against the gods of consumerism. It's madness. You know what you COULD do instead, though?

Commission us for a custom ornament of your own design!

I know it's crazy, but hear us out: you can sit in the comfort of your personal bubble, have a nice chat with us about whatever crazy idea you have for that special someone, and pay us to do the rest. These ornaments can be up to 4 inches in height or diameter, and will hang by a sturdy loop. Make your holidays rad with a touch of your personal creativity! Our turnaround time for a custom sculpture is 10 days, but for an extra fee, we can expedite the creative process!

Holiday special: buy two commissions, get 20% off! Use code MERRYMAYHEM at checkout!

Please email us additional information about your piece so we can discuss your vision!

Custom Tree Ornament Commission